Brenda Freeman 

Brenda Freeman began her Authentic Pilates teacher training in 2004 after discovering Pilates in 2000. As someone who has been physically active and in pursuit of excellence her entire life, Pilates was the key to her healing success. 

After her son was born via c-section in 2000, Brenda suffered low back pain and an abdominal separation referred to as, diastasis recti. Pilates was the answer to her healing. In 2003, she had a V-BAC (vaginal birth after cesarian) and used the Pilates system to heal the muscles of the abdomen and pelvic floor. 

Since 2004, Brenda has trained and taken a variety of workshops with 2nd Generation Classical Pilates teachers, Jennifer Kries, Brett Howard, Simona Cipriani, Mari Windsor, Kathryn Ross-Nash, Chris Robinson, Jay Grimes, Peter Fiasca, Brooke Siler, Dana Santi, and Sean Gallagher. She is certified as a 3rd generation NYC Authentic Pilates teacher. 

Her teaching experiences speak to her knowledge of the human experience. She has worked with a variety of ages and populations from leading Pre-school movement classes to working in hospitals with the elderly. She has taught pre and post-natal Pilates Classes and worked with clients to continue their healing after Physical Therapy. She also taught at Central Michigan University, where she developed and wrote the course syllabus for their Pilates Mat Program which is still going strong.                                                                             

Currently, Brenda is the manager and Principal Teacher at Detroit Pilates. Detroit Pilates opened in 2015 and is the only Classical Pilates studio in the Downtown Detroit area. To further her knowledge of Classical Pilates and the body, she is currently studying under Chris Robinson out of San Diego. Chris has been the chosen trainer for top athletes and celebrities, such as Oprah.





Michelle Kole .jpg

Michelle Kole

Michelle is a Classical Pilates Instructor.  She teaches the carefully designed exercises of Joseph Pilates and his science of " Contrology " by his original definition. She focuses on a fun, challenging workout - and overall balance of the mind and body.

Michelle's background is in Interior Architecture and Design. Four years ago, her personal journey towards better health lead her to a Classical Pilates Certification. "The body is like a building - everything is connected. The foundation must be strong ... The small parts must be revitalized and preserved to withstand the test of time. "


Jen McNeely

Jen had her first experience with Pilates at a young age, and she was hooked! She decided to become an instructor, teaching in her hometown of Toledo, Ohio. Later, she started working in corporate America and then moved to Royal Oak. Her busy job kept her from her passions for too long, and after four years she knew it was time to leave sales behind and make Pilates her life’s work. 

Pilates has always struck a chord and helped to enhance Jen's overall health and wellbeing. She believes in working "from the inside out" to strengthen the body and improve overall wellness. Her attention to precise, fluid instruction helps guide her clients toward their goals and gives them strategies for living well inside their bodies. 

For the last couple of years Jen has been led to pursue a path as a healer and share her ability to help others heal themselves. She is a certificated Reiki practitioner and feels Pilates and Reiki are a great marriage for total wellness. She is also a Wellness Advocate for doTerra essential oils in hopes helping others improve their health and the health of their loved ones by providing simple, safe and empowering solutions that enhance overall wellbeing. 

Jen's comprehensive certification is through Balanced Body and Stott methods. Jen also holds certifications through Power Plate, TRX, Reiki healing, Anatomy Trains and Foam Roller techniques.


Megan Fuller

Megan graduated from Wayne State University with a bachelor of fine arts in theater performance. It was in a movement class that Megan was first introduced to Pilates. In this class, Megan learned the foundations of Pilates and grew a deeper appreciation for the maintenance of mobility and overall wellness achieved through movement. Through studying, practicing and teaching Pilates she has gained a newfound respect for the process, always reminding her clients as well as herself that Pilates is a journey and not a destination. Megan's approach to teaching is both receptive and challenging as she guides you through your own journey. Megan teaches Pilates, Barre and TRX classes.