What is Pilates?

Originally called ‘Contrology ‘, Pilates is a system of stretching and strengthening exercises developed by Joseph H. Pilates in the early 1920’s.  Pilates focuses on spinal alignment, a connection to ones core strength, breathing and quality of movement verses quantity of movement. We take all of that and wrap it up into a great 1 hour workout.

IS PILATES like doing sit-ups for 60 minutes?

No — and in some ways yes! Every movement in Pilates has a purpose.  Pilates exercises initiates from the core and flow outward to the extremities. Learning to stabilize from ones center while moving can be quite challenging and by the end of a 60 minute class one should feel there abdominals have been worked and at times exhausted! 

Do i have to be flexible or in shape to do pilates?

Come as you are. The goal of pilates is to become flexible and strong. Accommodations and modifications are a natural part of this form of movement.  

what is the best way to try pilates?

Schedule a session or sign up for a class.


Yeah! You better believe its hard. Its going to kick your butt! But we’re going to show you things you never knew you could do with your body. 

IS pilates like yoga?

Pilates and Yoga are perfect companions. They are different yet complimentary and to me, essential to growth in each individual practice. Yoga has challenged me to deepen my internal practice of awareness of strength within the coordination of breath and movement. Pilates has taught me how to strengthen the deepest muscles of my body to support my structural frame and how to work from my ‘center’ at all times.

Can i do pilates with a bad back or injury?

Yes. However, this always depends on the severity of the injury.  There are a variety of modifications and accommodations that can be made for those of us with injuries.  If the injury is severe or recent, a private session will be recommended before joining a group setting.