Brenda Freeman is a 3rd generation NYC classically certified Authentic Pilates Instructor.  Brenda has been teaching Pilates since 2004 and has studied under and taken workshops from well known Pilates Instructors and authors such as, Jennifer Kries, Brett Howard, Simona Cipriani, Mari Windsor, Kathryn Ross-Nash, Chris Robinson, Jay Grimes, Peter Fiasca, Brooke Siler, Sean Gallagher and Joseph Muscolino.


Locally, Brenda has taught at Core Sport Pilates in Plymouth and Rasa Yoga of Novi. Before arriving to the area, she worked at Central Michigan University (CMU) for 5 years where she developed and taught the Pilates Mat course as part of the Physical education department. She has also taught at Studio Core in Saginaw, MI, Central Michigan Community Hospital in Mt. Pleasant, Dance studios and yoga studios.

Brenda discovered the ‘art’ of Pilates in 2000 after her first son was born via Cesarean section.  Pilates helped her redevelop her core strength and heal from her own surgery in order to be strong enough to have a VBAC for her second birth.  

Besides loving and teaching Pilates, Brenda is a Graduate of CMU with a bachelor’s degree in Art Education.  When she is not teaching Pilates, she is creating art, listening to NPR, gardening, admiring the moon and raising two fine young men, Josiah and Israel.