“You work the equipment, the equipment does not work you.”

If you are new to Pilates and have ever walked into a Classical Pilates studio, you have most likely seen “crazy” or “scary” looking apparatus and have possibly wondered, what the heck is that? And, how in the world is that utilized during a Pilates workout?

Have no fear, I can show you how this Amazing Gratz Pilates Apparatus can be utilized to help the body accomplish a more balanced and focused workout.  The apparatus is utilized during private and semi-private sessions.  For those of you with injuries, or for those of you wanting a more focused intention during your Pilates workout, the equipment is designed for you.  It can help accommodate for those needing a more ‘physical therapy’ based workout. It can also push those of you to make movements more balanced to ensure proper muscle firing which is said, experientially, “to make the movements harder.”

The overall goal of the apparatus isn’t to make Pilates “harder” but to make sure the body is working from the center, commonly called ‘the core’. Unlike other gym equipment that is meant to work specific muscles of the body, Pilates equipment is meant to be worked by the entire body in unison.

Gratz Equipment

Gratz equipment is the original Pilates Apparatus developed by Joseph H. Pilates himself.  It is built to the exact specifications he intended and has been made to last a lifetime. It has a raw industrial look that communicates what is centric to the Pilates method, hard work.